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16 x NoFog - Reusable Anti-Fog Inserts for GoPro Hero 4, 3+ 3, 2

16 x NoFog - Reusable Anti-Fog Inserts for GoPro Hero 4, 3+ 3, 2

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16 x NoFog - Reusable Anti-Fog Inserts for GoPro Hero 4, 3+, 3, 2 

16 REUSABLE inserts, so you're never foggy again.

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NoFog Inserts are Anti-Fog Inserts for GoPro Hero 3 or 2. You can simply place them into the GoPro housing to prevent fogging in all weather conditions.

They are made of  absorbent silica paper, just like the GoPro product.

NoFog Inserts are fully compatible with all GoPro HERO cameras

HERO2 & HERO Owners - Place 1 insert on each side of the camera.

HERO3 Owners - Place 1 insert on the side with the lens and 1 in the bottom. Or cut them in half and place them all around the camera giving you 32 inserts.

HERO3+/HERO4 Owners - Place 1 insert in the bottom. Smaller case and less air inside means 1 anti fog insert is all you need.

100% Brand New and package contents

16 x NoFog - Reusable Anti-Fog Inserts

"" Please note: This is aftermarket accessory and it is NOT GoPro Product. GoPro cameras are NOT included and for demonstration purpose only. ""

How To Use Anti-Fog Inserts

  1. Cut - Cut the inserts along the dotted lines with scissors. (DO NOT TEAR THEM APART, THIS WILL CREATE DUST)

  2. Activate - Bake a few strips at 300F ( 150C) for 5 minutes in any oven. 
  • You can activate all strips at once by baking and putting the ones you’re not going to use in a Ziploc bag to keep moisture out.
  • Insert - Slide one into each side of the housing.

  • HERO2 / HERO Original-
    • 16 Pack Size - Place 1 on each side

  • HERO3-
    • 16 Pack Size - Place 1 on the bottom or side.
    • HERO3+ / HERO4 
      • 16 Pack Size - Place 1 on the bottom.
    1. Check - Make sure the housing is fully sealed.
    • NoFog Inserts should not block the water tight seal. We are not liable for camera damage due to misuse.

    • Enjoy - You are ready to use the camera. 
      • NoFog Inserts can be used 4-5 times before needing to be re-baked in the oven for re-use. Keep them in a Ziploc bag between uses. 
      • Keep NoFog away from children. These should not be ingested. If so, follow silica gel poison control guidelines.


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